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Carrie Parks

Carrie Parks is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who is passionate about supporting adults and children who are facing life challenges, skill deficits, or are seeking improved insight and mental health.  Carrie most recently has worked with children ranging in age from 3-18 years old; addressing concerns associated with ADHD diagnoses and behaviors, anger management and low frustration tolerance, anxiety, OCD, depression, difficulties with socialization and familial relational concerns.  Previously, Carrie focused her work primarily on helping adults. Her work centered on improved insight, symptom management, root causes of negative coping behaviors, relational difficulties, skill deficits in daily living and identification of distorted thought patterns and psychoeducation. Carrie comfortably works with adults and children as individuals, as well as with families and couples.

Carrie utilizes a client centered, strengths based approach; incorporating problem solving, cognitive behavioral work and creative expression, while maintaining a focus on the importance of the mind/body connection. Carrie has a specific interest in the factors that lead to improved resilience in clients, and often uses this as a roadmap to refer to throughout treatment. Self-described as a playful and compassionate therapist, Carrie appreciates the use of humor and identifies her greatest strength as within her ability to foster mutual respect and trust. She has found this to be the most useful tool in a therapeutic relationship, believing that the best work grows organically from there.

Carrie graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in 1999, and enjoyed a life in Seattle for many years before changing her career path to include social work. Carrie attended Loyola University Chicago, receiving her Masters in Social Work in 2010.

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